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New schedule up and Steven's ritual!

New schedule up and Steven's ritual!

by Wendy Moonlitcreek -
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We would like to invite and really urge all of you to make use of our tutoring sessions and study halls, you can also stop by and chat with us! We are always happy to chat if no student has a current question. If a question is being asked, chat can resume after it has been answered! No Sign up necessary for the tutoring sessions, but please make sure to stop by early in the sessions if at all possible!

All rituals have been uploaded and added to the calendar. I would like to invite all of you to Steven's Full Moon Ritual on Wednesday May 26th at 9 pm EDT

Sign up for this ritual is here: and all info about it can be found in the sacred space room as usual!

You can also come to any chat to ask questions about it.