Pre-Requisites: Serenity Introduction Class (Student ID),Creating a Witch Book
Supplies: Pen and paper

Enrolment:  Please email your Student ID and certificates to Alethia at

Pre-requisites: Serenity Introduction Class (Student ID card), Creating Your Witch Book, Introduction to Research

Supplies Needed: You do not need a Tarot Deck, but I do suggest you get one. There is a section in this course on how to choose your Deck.
Please email your Student ID and certificates to:

What Will you Learn In this Course: 

This is a basic course to teach you a few things you should know before starting to read for yourself or others and before we will go into the meaning of each card in the following Course.

I also strongly suggest you start a Tarot Journal - to take notes, and later to journal your readings in the practical classes. You can use anything you like, a notebook, your computer/laptop, your phone, whatever you are comfortable with. It is freely your choice how and if you bless it or set it up.

Pre-requisites: Tarot Basics, Symbolism

Enrollment: Please email your Student ID and certificates to 

Supplies Needed: Tarot Deck, Notebook to Journal your readings

Class Description
: This is the second part of my Tarot Basic courses and we will go over the meanings of the Minor Arcana.