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Forum Update & New Styles

by Wendy Moonlitcreek -

During the Forum update for our Student Hall, I also installed three new styles to choose from!

You can change your styles in the User Control Panel which you find under your name in the top right corner of the regular style. Click your name and then a menu will unfold. Choose User Control Panel, then Board preferences and then you can set your preferred board style by choosing one from the drop down menu. Once you hit submit AND clicked return to user control panel, your style will be updated. You can switch at any time, to your hearts content!

Have fun!

Reached our first goal! February newsletter free!

by Wendy Moonlitcreek -

Thanks to all of our amazing students, who have donated and got our newsletter, we have achieved the first goal and raised enough funds for the first 2 years of server.

As a small thank you, we are offering the February issue for free!

Go and get your issue here:

We have now reset our goal to raise funds for year 3 & 4. We love you all, thank you!

Many blessings,

Anniversary & Samhain Newsletter FREE

by Wendy Moonlitcreek -

Dear Guests and Students,

to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we have created a special edition of our newsletter that is free for all to download and share with friends and family.

Please check our Ko-Fi page HERE where you can find the link to our newsletter to download.

It is full of fun stuff with the amazing support of our clubs!

Thank you to each and everyone of you and full steam ahead into the second year!


your Headmistresses