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Welcome to Serenity. Here at the academy of magick, we aim to accompany and guide you on your spiritual path. We offer many courses of a wide variety and constantly add more! In addition to our courses, we offer several degree programs including a build your own path degree. The school is 100% free of charge and we try to keep all costs for material and books needed to a minimum. If you wish to enroll, please download the booklet, read it carefully and follow the instructions provided.


Hello there. I am Alethia MoonStar. I'm a 44yr old witch from the Southern USA. I actually live on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. I'm a skilled nurse for a home health agency where I take care of children with special medical needs and I’m a major geek/nerd. My family consists of my husband Noah and my dogs Lucas and Toast. I have been studying Wicca/Witchcraft for about 28 yrs, but only active for the past decade and half. I do belong to a coven and I'm a 1st Degree Initiate within it. The degree path that I will be offering will be one about using Unicorn Magick in all aspects of self-care and becoming the best "you" that you can be. The areas of school that I have passions for and also will head are healing, parapsychology, and pathworking.


Welcome! My name is Marina Luna, formerly Wendy MoonlitCreek, I live in Germany, near Bielefeld. I am 42 yrs old, am married to a chef and we don't have children. My focus here at school is theory and practice of magick, which is also the department I am heading. The degree paths I am offering are Eco Warrior and a Do It Yourself Path, where we create your own, individual path together. As an Eco Warrior Witch, I believe that it is our responsibility to protect the Earth and those inhabiting it that can't protect themselves, such as children, animals, suppressed minorities, to name a few. My goal in life is to reduce my ecological footprint on Earth and live a Less Waste lifestyle.


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